6 Tips to Set Up a Bulletproof Monthly Budget

Many people are struggling to make ends meet as sources of income continue to diminish. Although many people do not have any finance background, there are specific steps that any person, regardless of their monthly income, can take to ensure proper utilization of available finances. Proper budgeting is vital for financial freedom hence the need for each person to set up a bulletproof monthly budget.

Tips to Set Up a Bulletproof Monthly Budget

Do you want to ensure that you budget correctly for your income and avoid misusing any finances at your disposal? If the answer is yes, here are the tips that can be vital in developing a bulletproof monthly budget:

1. Increase your income streams.

The most underrated and significant way of budgeting is always looking for a way to increase your income. If you can increase the number of finances you receive, you will have the freedom to fill any financial deficit. Apart from minimizing your expenses, it is recommended that you look for more ways to generate income.

You can do this by taking a second job, investing in a business, or renting out an extra room in your apartment. Whatever strategy you want to use, ensure that you continuously increase your income as a bulletproof way of budgeting.

2. Track your expenses

One common mistake that many people make is not tracking their expenditure. If you do not need to know where you are spending your money, it becomes difficult to control them. Tracking your expenses is vital as it helps you prioritize them and ensure that you pay for the most important ones first.

You can track some regular expenses, including rent, child care, insurance, food, and gas. Having a list of your expenses will also help you determine the number of finances you require to survive each month. It will also help you identify areas you can minimize spending and channel the money to your savings.

3. Set up some cash for emergencies

Budgeting comes with its limitations. You can always budget for the known bills but not for emergencies. Emergencies might include a broken car, lost phone, or any other thing that will want some cash, yet you did not budget for it. If you do not set aside some money for emergencies, you will likely interfere with your entire budget.

Having a budget for emergencies will save you the trouble of having to redirect some cash from what you budgeted for in the first place.

4. Identify ways to reduce your expenses.

When it comes to developing a bulletproof budget, always remember that not every item is worth spending. Some of the things that will require your money are not worth it, or they may be unhealthy for you.

For instance, if you have a habit of eating out many days of the week, you can minimize it once or twice. Cooking your food is affordable and helps you save some cash. If you enjoy drinking with friends, you can decide to stay indoors and order a drink online. You will save on the amount you would have spent on more drinks for friends and a cab back home.

5. Spend on important things

When it comes to bulletproof budgeting, you need to be conscious of your spending. You will need to ensure that you are not spending your money on what you do not need. You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy the latest designer suits or shoes because your friend did.

You can dress decently without having to spend a lot. Ensure that you avoid unnecessary spending and direct the money to what you need most.

6. Review and update your monthly budget wherever necessary

If you want to create a bulletproof budget, you need to ensure that your budget is flexible from time to time. You should review your monthly budget at the end of each month and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it serves you well.

If there are some expenses you need to drop, do not hesitate to do so. This will help you create room to include other expenses in the future. Always look for ways to cut down your expenses and increase your revenue streams.


The list comprises of some of the common ways you can develop a bulletproof monthly budget. However, it does not mean there are no other ways to do so—the essential thing when budgeting is ensuring you know your income and expenditure. Always strive to ensure the expenses do not exceed expenditure and identify ways to increase your income.