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No Guarantor Loans

What is a no guarantor loan?

If you have bad credit or a poor credit history, mainstream lenders will not usually approve you for a loan. To help people with bad credit, some lenders require you to have a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who agrees to make your payments if you are unable to. Being a guarantor is a big responsibility.

Finding someone to guarantee your loan can be difficult. Generally, the guarantor will be a family member or someone you know extremely well. But you might not want a guarantor loan. It could be that you just feel uncomfortable asking someone to guarantee a loan for you. In this instance you might want to consider a no guarantor loan instead.

If you take out a no guarantor loan, it means that you are fully responsible to make all the repayments required for the duration of the loan. A no guarantor loan means that there is no back up for the lender if you cannot pay. This financially independence can come at a higher price and some lenders might charge higher APRs which may be expensive in the long run.

There are no guarantor loans are available, even to those with poor credit, you just have to apply to the right lenders. We work with many lenders who offer competitive interest rates and focus on your ability to make the repayments rather than your credit history. This type of no guarantor loan is designed for people with poor credit, who require a short-term loan without someone co-signing the agreement with them.

Can I get a no guarantor loan?

It’s not uncommon for people to find that they require a short-term loan to deal with an unexpected expense or to see them through until the next payday. If you have a poor credit history because you missed some payments in the past or even if you have a County Court Judgement against you, we could help.

We can match you with lenders who see past previous errors. Lenders in this sector are more interested in your current situation, rather than things that may have happened long ago. They will be interested in your ability to pay, your current work or income situation and what other financial commitments you may have. To qualify for a no guarantor loan, you usually will be required to meet the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be a UK resident
  • Be able to provide evidence of a UK address
  • Show proof of a regular income
  • You cannot be bankrupt or filed for bankruptcy

The lender will ask you some questions about yourself and for what the money is going to be used for. Based upon this information, the best of our lending partners will offer you a loan and get the cash to you quickly. To speed up the process, it’s better to be prepared and have the following available:

  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • Details of employment
  • Your British bank account details
  • Documents to use as proof of identity, such as passport or driving license

Once we’ve got all of your information, we will be able to match you with the best lender for your circumstances. Loan amounts can vary between £100 and £1000, and on occasion up to £5000. We have access to a wide range of lenders and can help you find the amount that you need at the best available interest rate.

Is a no guarantor loan right for me?

A no guarantor loan could be the best way to borrow money for all sorts of people. As long as you’re over 18 and live in the UK, it’s worth thinking about a loan without a guarantor. For anyone with a good credit rating, this is probably the cheapest kind of loan to apply for. Equally, there are no guarantor loans available for those with bad credit too. If you find yourself needing a short-term loan for an unforeseen expense, or just to get you though the month, a no guarantor loan could well be the best solution. You can make the application yourself online and at any time for the day.

With a no guarantor arrangement, you don’t have to include anyone else in your application. It’s important that you are aware that loan companies will charge you interest on the money you borrow. The higher they perceive the risk of lending to you, the more expensive the loan. If you can find someone with a good credit rating to guarantee your loan, it could help reduce the cost. As with any loan, to keep interest to a minimum, only borrow what you really need

If you feel a no guarantor loan is right for you, it is a fast and convenient way to address a short- term financial problem and it will help you by spreading the cost across a number of months. If you haven’t used a no guarantor loan before, we have some FAQs that may help you:

What is the most I can borrow with a no guarantee loan?

Loans can start as low as £100, and depending upon your circumstances, can be as much as £5000.

Does a no guarantor loan require a credit check?

The lender will require a soft credit check to understand your ability to make your repayments. This will provide enough information for a decision to be made.

How long does it take to get the money?

Once approved the money will usually be in your bank the same day. The decision takes a few minutes, then the lender we match you with will get directly in contact. To get the money you need quickly, fill out our simple online application. You could have the cash in your bank account today!