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The usage of our Website is governed according to these terms and conditions and all the documents referred to in them (hereinafter referred to as “Website”). We recommend you to read all the terms and conditions attentively and before you will start using our Website. In case you are under 18, or if you are not a UK resident, or you disagree with these terms; you must not to use this Website. When you start using our Website, this means that you agree with the mentioned terms and conditions.

If you want to make some comments or wish us to answer your questions, please send us your letter through the link ‘Contacts’.

General Information

You are starting to use the Website which is incorporated under the laws of the UK (hereinafter referred to as “We” and “Us”). We are the company in a form of LLC, which has its registered office in England:

  • U Finance Ltd
  • 20-22 Wenlock Road
  • London
  • N1 7GU.

At our website, we will give you general information about those products or services to which we have an access and want present to you. We can’t guarantee, but we will try to propose you the most beneficial deals which are posted on our Website, nevertheless you can try to negotiate the better value deals on other websites as well. On our Website we propose you the varied number of products and services from different providers, but we are not offering tailored advice. If you seek such an advice, please find an independent qualified specialist. Before you start using some services which are available on our website, please get acquainted with some specific aspects connected with them. These services are related to: Credit Cards, Loans, Insurance Products, Mortgages, Travel and Utilities. Every of these services contain some specific information, that is why you need learn more about them before start using them. You will find all additional information under the section Guidance Notes. If you are interested in some particular services, please read detailed information about them in the Guidance Notes and then start using them. If you do not agree with terms and conditions of any of the services, do not get involved in them.

On our Website we give clear and precise information towards any introduced insurance company, advisor or financial services company.

Our Website and Content Access

We are always trying to provide uninterrupted access to our Website, but we can’t guarantee that we will not terminate, suspend or restrict your access to Our Website at any time.

The policy of the Website changing

We try to ensure that all the information which is appearing on our Website is up to date and correct, for this reason we make changes to the Website every day. We are not obliged to notify every our user about any changes that are made.

Terms & conditions modification

From time to time we have the right to change terms and conditions mentioned herein. If you do not agree with any changes made on the Website, please stop to use it. We are not obliged to notify you about any changes, that is why we advice you to check up these terms and conditions from time to time. If you proceed using our Website it means that you agree with all the terms and conditions and with all the changes that were made to them. The last time these terms and conditions were modified was on 18th of December 2009.

Intellectual property rights

Such signs as “™” or the “®” are considered to be registered trademarks of our Company (or its licensor).  We are also the licensee and owe all the intellectual property rights for our Website. This means that we owe all the materials published on the website and the software which is used to run the Website. If you use our Website, you agree that you use all the information for your personal aim. You have no right to publish, copy, modify, alter, sell or create a derivative from any part of our Website unless you obtain a written permission from us to do that. You owe only the personal information that you’ve sent to our Website. In accordance with our Privacy Policy (the detailed information you will find further in our Website), you allow us to use, copy, distribute and publish and transmit your personal information.

Our Liability

We try to insure that all the data and information on our Website is accurate, correct and reliable. If some mistakes or errors occur, we try to correct them as fast as possible after we’ve found out about them. However, we provide no guarantee that it will happen so. We also can not guarantee the full correctness of the information which is presented on our Website or that our Website is free from viruses and bugs that can harm your computer.

If some responsibilities or liability cannot be limited or excluded under the applicable law, we do not seek to exclude or limit them as well. Here are included such liabilities connected with fraud, negligence, death or personal injury. If we are permitted to do so in accordance with law, we exclude all the representations, terms and warranties as for the preciseness of any information represented on our Website. We take no responsibility before you for any liability for any revenue, income or loss, business or contract, profits, anticipated savings, opportunity or goodwill or any data, indirect, direct or consequential loss or damage which you may incur due to the use or inability of the use of our Website or any information posted on it or other Website linked to it.

Your Liability

If you use our Website, it means that you agree with terms and conditions mentioned herein. We may suspend or terminate your access to our Website, if we find out that you don’t follow our terms and conditions and conduct yourself inappropriately while using our Website. If we suffer any losses or damages because of your ill use of our Website, you will take responsibility to reimburse us all incurred losses or damages.

Conclusion of the Transactions through Our Website

You can use our Website free of charge. On our Website we provide the third parties links or resources, where you can be offered free products or services. We are not responsible for the information provided on these third party Websites, that is why we are no liable for any losses or damages incurred by you while using these Websites.

You solely bear the responsibility for the use of the website of the third parties and it is up to you whether to use such websites or not. In case you decide to use the website of the third party, you will be governed by their terms and conditions and if any payments due to the use of the services of the third party website will arise, you should incur them. We strongly advice you to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the third parties website to which you will be transferred after clicking a link at our Website. One more time we remind you that we are not liable or take any responsibility for the information, advertising, products or services published on the Website of the third party.

Guidance Notes

Guidance Note is a part of our terms and conditions. In this section you will find detailed information about services and products that we propose on our Website. The interest rates provided on our Website reflects the rates of available at the mortgage market products. We give neither advice, nor recommendation towards purchase of any appeared on our Website product or service. At our Website we display the rates in order to give general information as for the interest rates of mortgage deals that are available at the market. The rates are fixed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the lender. Before signing a transaction, we advice you to get acquainted with all terms and conditions of the mortgage application or other documentation which is referred to it. You must know all the requirements as for the mortgage deal before you apply for it, and if you are not agree with these requirements it is still better not to sign such a deal. If you apply or enter into a mortgage deal which does not meet your requirements, we are not liable for that before you. If your broker recommends you a mortgage deal which was found at our Website, than all documentation as for the mortgage you will receive through your broker and not through us. The broker should provide all relevant information and documentation to you and we are not liable if he/she will not do it. If we refer you to a certain provider, we charged a commission for that from this provider. You are not charged for our services.

Credit Reference Agencies

The consumers’ and businesses’ credit file is maintained at the Credit reference agencies (CRAs). CRAs receive information about credit history through lenders in the UK. If you apply for any service or product to our Website, we or our partners may contact CRAs in order to find out about your credit behaviour. This information will help us and our partners to decide as for your application. The information that we or our partners will need is connected with the following:

Your personal accounts information

  • Are you a director or partner in a small business (Your business accounts)
  • Are there any financial links with you (Financial information on associate’s personal accounts)
  • If fraud prevention agencies have any data in connection with you and your business.
  • When you send us information, we transfer it for verification to the credit reference agencies. If the data send by you is false or inaccurate, we will record it and may pass this information to the fraud protecting agencies or other financial security organisations which will protect us and our partners from theft and fraud.

How to contact us

If any questions will arise or if you require any additional information about Privacy Statement or Credit Noble and the Data Protection Act, than write to us: Protection Officer, OneWord UK, LLC, Rawdon House, Green Lane, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 n7BY, or contact us through our online form.

If you want to get to know how your data and personal information is used by credit reference agencies, you have the possibility to contact 3 currently operating in the UK agencies. For getting the information you will be charged small fee. Here are the addresses of the agencies:

  • Callcredit, Consumer Services Team, PO Box 491, Leeds LS3 1WZ;
  • Equifax Plc, Credit File Advice Centre, PO Box 3001, Bradford, BD1 5US;
  • Experian, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG80 7WF;

The contact data of fraud prevention agencies you will get after written notification to us.


Credit Cards and Loans

All products and services that you can observe at our Website are currently available. We give neither advice, nor recommendation towards purchase of any credit card or loan product. You have the possibility to compare credit card and loan services and then you will be transferred to the Website of a particular credit card and loan provider. We remind you that before applying for any loan or a credit card loan, you should get acquainted with terms and conditions, read all details about interest rates and about penalties in a case of early paying off the credit. If you select any product or service through the Website and decide make an application, you will be provided with all necessary information through the lender and not through us. We are not responsible if you get no information or documentation requested. In order to apply for any product or service displayed on our website, you should be resident of the UK and be at least 18 years old (Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents are not included). After your application, your financial status will be appraised.

Thank you for using our website, we are always ready to help you!!!